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Why you Should Consider Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile 

Luxury vinyl flooring is among the best flooring that is composed of luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl planks. It loosely relates vinyl-based flooring materials which resembles natural material by the use of realistic pictures or images.

Here are some common characteristics of luxury vinyl flooring: 

Imitation of natural material 

These vinyl flooring can have two forms. It can either imitate stone such as slate, marble or travertine, or it can imitate wood just like oak, pine, teak, maple or etc.


Another characteristic that can be used to distinguish LVFs from other vinyl flooring types is its individual pieces’ shape. Ordinary vinyl floorings are typically square with dimensions twelve inches by twelve inches or sixteen inches by sixteen inches. LVFs often simulate solid wood floorings and usually it is in plank shapes. Its size sometimes vary but the general size of which is narrow and long typically seven inches wide and forty-eight inches long.

The composition of luxury flooring can be either hundred percent vinyl or a mixture of vinyl and limestone. Any wood-like LVF are made from all vinyl. Stone-like LVFs may have stone compositions. For example one LVF brand may be seventy-five percent limestone and the remaining percent is vinyl. The base layer in this composition is the limestone and vinyl being on top so you actually are walking and looking at the vinyl layer.


Actually, there’s no difference between luxury vinyl tiles and traditional ones in layer number but the thickness of the layers is the only factor that varies. Both types of floorings have 4 layers and these are:

1. Aluminum oxide-based layer. This layer is the topmost layer of the vinyl flooring. This layer prevents shoe scuffs and light scratching.

2. Clear film. This layer actually protects against hard damages such as tears and rips.

3. Design layer. This layer is the image print of either wood or stone.

4. Backing layer. Bottom layer is the backbone of the flooring that gives its solidity and structure. This layer comprises ninety percent of the thickness of the flooring.

Since luxury vinyl tiles are more expensive than other traditional floorings, there are cheap floorings that are also available that comes in different finishes and styles. They come with a good resistance, durability, insulation and slip resistance properties which are suitable for bathroom floorings, kitchen and lounges. It has multiple layers for stronger tear and wear resistance and also it adds comfort to your house just like other expensive vinyl floorings.

Below are some reasons why you should purchase luxury vinyl flooring for your house if you are thinking about finding ways to redecorate your dwelling or if your old flooring is already out of style.

Even though it looks lavish, vinyl is low cost. It is very affordable, which is one great reason why you should consider purchasing cheap vinyl flooring for your homes. Aside from being inexpensive, there are a variety of colors and designs for you to choose from, which could suit the theme that you want for your house. Modern technology has the ability to make your ordinary vinyl flooring into a luxurious one. A printing method has been developed to make vinyl flooring look like replicates of wood, brick, tile or marble. There also patterns and different kinds of textures available in the market which could cater to your taste and to your budget.

Unlike other flooring, vinyl is easier to install. If you are just redecorating your house, this type of flooring can already be installed on top of the old flooring. This is a great way to save money because there will be no need for you to hire someone in order for them to remove the existing flooring before you could install the newly purchased ones.

Luxury vinyl has been developed to be longer lasting, wear and water resistant. Unlike a few years ago, vinyl flooring wore easily. But now it is so much better and you are definitely assured that you wouldn’t have to replace your flooring after a very long time.

Luxury flooring can be cleaned easily. All you have to do is sweep the floor and mop it eventually. No need to put tough chemicals in order for it to be dirt free. Another good thing is that vinyl flooring is resistant to scratching and staining which would be great if you have pets at your home.

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