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Using Lectin Shield to Protect Your Body from Lectins’ Adverse Effects

Lectins are derived from plants, and have negative impacts on the human body. The main issue is lack of ability to protect from such proteins that adversely affects the functioning of the body. The plants with lectins are consumed often by people making the problem appear even bigger. However, Lectin Shield was developed with an aim of providing solutions to the problems caused by lectins. 

Lectin shield provides an intoxication effect to the proteins to reduce the side effects of the commodity. There are questions which require answers in regards to lectins for an increased knowledge of the product by the community. We are required to have an insight on what are Lectins, their effects and available measures to protect against the food poisoning. This article discusses how Lectin Shield is innovative in the field, as well as vital for healthy eating.

What are Lectins?  

Survival aspect is not a concern for only animals but also, plants. Therefore, plants come up with a mechanism to protect them from their prey. The mechanisms are aimed at increasing the survival rate for the plant. Lectins in plants are the mechanisms that are used to protect them from diseases which are commonly caused by pathogens, insects, and animals. The protection is aimed at ensuring that there is a proper flow of the plants despite the many dangers in the environment.

Lectin’s macro molecules are used as immune receptors for the plants for reduced cases of diseases. In case animals and human beings consume the lectins proteins, they are adversely affected as the protein’s main function is protection from diseases. The proteins are available in legumes, a product which is consumed by humans on regular basis. You can check out this article on Pinterest about Lectin Shield and lectins. Lectin’s proteins cause a link between bacteria and virus which makes the human body vulnerable to diseases.

Lectin’s Effects  

The following are several effects of lectins to the human body, which are why you should check your options for fighting against lectins with products like Lectin Shield: 

  1. Cause problems with the digestive system. The proteins are attached to the epithelial cells which are found in the intestine walls thus negatively impacting the digestive system. Lectins expose the intestinal cells, which increase the possibility of infection and damage to the large intestine. The digestive tract is inflamed, making it hard to effectively digest the food consumed by an individual. The inflammation of the digestive tract leads to diarrhea and vomiting.  
  2. Leads to immune system disorder. The attachment of lectins to the intestine walls leads to immune systems developing cells to fight the proteins. The immune system’s direct attack on body cells, which are connected to the lectins, cause an immune system disorder. This fighting of lectins causes allergy and compromises the ability of the immune systems to deal with diseases causing pathogens. Proper coordination of body cells is negatively affected by the introduction of the lectin proteins in the body.
  3. Results in leaky guts. The damage to the intestine walls makes the waste products and food particles join the digestion processes. The food particles and waste products leak through the damaged intestine wall, and are directed to the blood stream.  

Protecting the Body from Lectin’s Adverse Effects 

It is not good news that lectins have negative effects on the normal functioning of the body. The risk is made worse considering that the proteins are available from plants that are regularly consumed by the people. The good news is that you can protect your body from lectins using the Lectin Shield, which is aimed at dealing with the adverse effects from the plant protein.  

The following nutrients also protect the body against lectins and are found in Lectin Shield: 

  1. D- Mannose is a sugar which is commonly found in fruits with the ability to protect the body from harmful bacteria. The nutrient is able to deal with lectins from peanuts, peas, lentils, and beans. The nutrients also have the ability to treat urinary tract infections.
  2. N- Acetylglucosamine is used to deal with lectins from wheat and reduce joint pains.
  3. Sialic acid- the nutrients are derived from berries and grains with the ability to form a slippery wall to the intestine which is crucial in protecting it from infection.  
  4. Bladder Wrack- is a nutrient from seaweed that has anti-fungal properties which protect the body from a variety of plant lectins.



Lectin Shield is used to offer protection from lectin’s adverse effects for a proper flow of body function. It has also the ability to speed up the absorption of nutrients, stop bloating, and make intestinal walls stronger. 

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