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Updated Review Along with Comparison of the Best Meal Replacement Shakes

Meal replacement shakes provide almost complete meal nutrients with least possible calorie intake. In weight loss therapy, people sometimes go aggressively to lose weight. Excessive workout with minimum food intake might abruptly reduce the weight. But it is not the recommended way. Having a proper diet plan with restricting calories does the better job.

That’s why meal replacement shakes are recommended for a person on weight loss mode. In search of a good shake, one always remain confused as which one to use.

Here the complete comparison will be provided to decide which meal replacement shake suits the person most.
There are two hot-selling shakes in the market, one is the GNC lean shake, Isagenix the other one. So we will be comparing them with others. It is an updated weight loss shakes reviews of meal replacement shakes, based on the user’s response.

Brief intro of GNC lean shake and Isagenix

These are specially prepared in order to suppress the weight gain and promote weight loss.
Isagenix suppresses appetite and increases basic metabolism process in the body. All of this aspect in combination results in loss of weight.

Lean shake is on the top right now. It specifically acts on fats metabolism and increases muscle mass. It has a nutrient combination in such a way to fulfil the basic requirements of the body. So the vital body function is not disturbed.

Ingredients profile of both shakes

Ingredients have a role in determining the effectiveness for a meal replacement shake. One must know the ingredients before using for therapeutic purposes. Ingredients also help a person in determining which one suits him best.

Isagenix ingredients

•The Myo-Isalean Complex
• Fructose
• Fiber

GNC Lean Shake ingredients

• Fiber
• Sugar

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are also included in it to meet the need of normal body requirements. It includes vitamins:
• Vitamin b6
• Vitamin b12
• Minerals are
• Potassium
• Chromium

Impact of the difference of nutrients

Low calories in the shake make it ideal for satiety. Low-calorie intake is far better than burning additional calories.
Proteins in the replacement shakes are vital ingredients. Proteins shakes required for normal bodily functions to get going. It helps in suppressing the appetite and increasing metabolism. Proteins intake can help in muscle strengthening.

Dietary fibers are also required for normal gut functioning. It gives the feeling of fullness for 4 to 6 hours. All of this together makes fiber a good addition to the shakes.
Carbs and sugars are directly related to the weight gain. Despite being a primary source of energy in the body, these must be reduced to the minimum possible range.

Flavors and Taste

Manufacturers offer many types of flavors for different taste lovers. This makes shakes edible according to users likes and dislikes.

Both are available in these flavors

• Chocolate
• Strawberry
• Vanilla

While GNC lean shake provides additional flavors, which are

• Creamy French vanilla
• Orange cream
• Black sesame

These additive flavors do not affect the diet and ingredients.

How Do They Work? – Main Benefits and Effects

GNC Lean Shake

• Provides the basic required nutrients.
• Easy to prepare.
• Complete appetite satisfaction.
• Almost no muscle loss.
• Available in more flavors.
• Enhanced mental activity and alertness.
• Increases fat metabolism.

Isagenix Shake

• Provides basic requirements.
• Easy to prepare.
• Almost complete appetite satisfaction and suppress hunger pangs.
• Few flavors are available for user’s choice.

Are These Meal Replacements Effective?

Being serious in losing excess weight is a primary requirement. Sticking to the proper plan will be effective in much less period of expected time.

Restricting dietary intake is very much hard, especially for a foodie person. These shakes provide the solution, by flavoring, fulfilling nutritional requirements and suppressing hunger. All of this together makes the man stronger in strive of losing weight.

Possible Side Effects

Most of the users are satisfied and attained their goal. The results are achieved without much side effects. Few side effects are possible, that too in old age, or when the person is too young. The side effects may be constipation, diarrhea, slight headache, nausea.

GNC lean shake is reported with the least possible side effects due to up to the mark protein inclusions and dietary fiber combination.

Despite these side effects, it has more worth to lose weight than to complain for these side effects. Because being overweight has a lot more diverse effects on the body.

How Much Do These Supplements Cost?

Pricing label varies with amount and flavors.

GNC lean shake jar of 11.6-pound-cost is around the range of $30 to $40.
While the same Isagenix jar costs is around $35 to $50.

Pros and Cons

GNC Lean Shake Pros and Cons


• Calorie restricted.
• Proper protein supplemented.
• Proper vitamin and minerals included.
• Less costly than isagenix.


• People complain about the taste, so get one of your favorite flavor.
• Some users doubled the amount in a single intake to achieve desired effects.
• No probiotics are included.

Isagenix Shakes Pros and cons


• Healthy program to lose weight.
• Easy to prepare and use.
• Low in calories, proteins and fats.


• Sold under the MLM method.
• They lack in a proper research paper, though got good results.
• Some users are allergic to its use.
• Contain higher sugar content than lean shake.

Bottom Line

Though isagenix, a product of herbalife is considered reliable and trust worthy, it is wise to try out GNC product lean meal replacement shake. Proper combination with heavily researched ingredients are to be considered more reliable.
Both of the shakes are prepared for the sole purpose of losing weight. Use them according to given directions and don’t expect results too soon. Keep on working out to have your body in proper shape within range of body mass index BMI.

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