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Overview of Online Shopping The Strengths & Weaknesses of E-Commerce

Overview of Online Shopping: The Strengths & Weaknesses of E-Commerce

Why Online Shopping Is Better?

Technology has made shopping to be a simple and fun experience. More than before, people are spending a lot of time on the internet and this has affected the way shopping is done. Although going to a physical retail store is good, online shopping is better because of the following reasons:

Large Product Variety

Online retail stores can “stock” thousands of products without running out of space. There’s no physical limitation when it comes to product storage and some brands can even show you the number of products that are remaining. This means that the buyer has a wide product option and you can shop for multiple products within a short period of time.

Shop from Anywhere

One thing that has propelled the popularity of online shopping is that there aren’t physical barriers. You can shop from anywhere and the products can be shipped from wherever you are. This has made it possible for buyers in different continents to shop for products.

It’s Cheap and Easier to Budget

With online shopping, you don’t have to wait until you reach the counter to know the total costs. The shopping cart quickly adds the total costs of your purchases. In addition to that, buying products online is more affordable. There are numerous discounts, deals, clearances sell and sometimes free shipping.


One of the main reasons why online shopping is popular with buyers is because of the convenience that it offers. You can shop at any time without restrictions. In addition to that, you can shop from the comfort of your home, while out with friends, traveling or while you’re in the office. It’s a time saver that makes purchasing of products easier.

Price Comparison

There are numerous e-commerce outlets which sell the same commodities. You can easily compare the prices or features of a product by opening multiple tabs.

Overall, Online shopping has come with tons of advantages. An example this business model is Banglashoppers.

About Banglashoppers

This is a big retail chain for cosmetic products. It’s an online shop in Bangladesh that sells genuine and high-quality products which suit every kind of lifestyle. Banglashoppers stocks products in categories such as Fashion Accessories, Grooming Shop, Perfume Shop, Bath & Body Shop, Makeup Shop, Hair Care Shop etc. The products include eye makeup, cleansers, perfumes, highlighters, primers, lipsticks, sunglasses, concealers etc. Banglashoppers ships its stock from countries such as Canada, USA, China and Germany from the best make up brands such as W7, Ardell, Ofra, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, etc.

What has made this shopping brand popular with buyers is that the products are legit and affordable. In addition to that, they are directly shipped from the best makeup brands globally. The Hair Care Shop, for instance, contains hair brushes, treatments, oil, styling gels etc. while the Makeup Shop contains products for eye makeup, matte lipsticks, highlighters, foundations etc.

Why Women Like Online Shopping More Than Men

women Like Online Shopping more then man

Well, a research study that was conducted on online shopping trends between men and women show that women love online shopping more than men. It’s been established that men are destination shoppers. This means that they prefer the Bricks and Mortar model of retail stores rather than online shops. A survey that was done on Amazon, for instance, shows that the number of men who are subscribed to Amazon Prime is less than women.

The Strengths of Online Shopping

a pregnant women shopping online happily

Shopping in physical retail outlets is fun, but there is nothing that beats the convenience and simplicity of online shopping. Technology has made this mode of doing business more attractive to consumers. Some of the strengths of online shopping include.

  • Unrestricted access to products by consumers.
  • Comprehensive product information including descriptions such as weight and height.
  • It’s time saving a less demanding in terms of labor.
  • Products are cost friendly due to low operating costs.
  • Merchants can easily reach a wide consumer base with proper advertising.

Weaknesses of Online Shopping

It’s not all rosy shopping online. There are multiple disadvantages when shopping online and this is why some people still prefer the traditional retail outlets. Apart from online frauds and internet access issues, below are some of the weaknesses of online shopping.

  • The process of designing and creating an attractive and navigable website is expensive. Furthermore, it is not easy to maintain an e-commerce site especially if you have a big product catalog.
  • There are also legal issues such as customer rights, regional laws when it comes to shipment of products etc.
  • The e-Commerce sector is crowded and sometimes it might take months before a business can successfully penetrate this sector.

Final Thoughts

E-Commerce has made shopping an easier experience. You can conveniently shop for products from anywhere or search for them according to categories. As technology advances, the internet business isn’t about to slow down any time soon and both consumers and sellers should expect significant growth in the coming years.



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