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A Closer Look at TruVision Health 

Many companies manufacture health supplements. TruVision health is a relatively new company that started in 2014. It specializes in providing health and weight loss supplements. Some of their products include TruEssentials and TruHealth. People have had mixed reactions towards the TruVision health products.

Whereas some speak praise for their products, there have been some complaints. However, it is not a great idea to judge a product solely based on what people have said about it without seeking a more in-depth insight. It is for this reason that a TruVision health review would suffice.  

It was concluded that some of the bad reviews were due to the absence of personal results. However, these health products have not negatively impacted on anyone’s health.

TruVision products

TruVision has a lot of products which help to achieve different purposes. For instance, the Weight & Energy supplement specifically targets to help those who would like to reduce weight. This supplement is taken in the form of tablets. The recommended dosage is two tablets per day. The good thing is that these products contain some natural ingredients such as green tea extract, bitter orange, and some vitamins among others. Therefore, it is unsurprising that many stores and distributors have taken to selling TruVision health supplements.

Potential side effects  

It is important to acknowledge that most supplements have side effects. The severity of the side effects associated with dietary supplements is what matters. It is no different for TruVision products. They might also lead to some mild side effects.

One of the side effects that one might experience is that they might find it difficult to relax. Other people have reported that it has caused trembling or agitation. It is advised that one should reduce the amount of the supplement intake. However, these symptoms are rare once the body gets used to the supplement.  

Also, some people have used this supplement but have not experienced any of these effects. Such customers left good reviews about their interaction with supplements from TruVision health.

Scam Allegations 

People have become more caution as some companies turned out to be fraudulent and full of lies. Consequently, it does not come as a surprise that there are people who have alleged that TruVision health is a scam. These allegations came after the Food and Drug Administration requested some companies, including TruVision, to stop producing products that had specific ingredients.

The FDA stated that people should not sell products which contained 4-amino-2-methyl pentane citrate and DMBA. This is because the FDA has yet to approve the safety of these two ingredients. That is why they requested TruVision to stop making supplements that had these ingredients. Additionally, they were to remove any products which were currently in the market. TruVision followed the instructions that had been given by the FDA. The truth is that TruVision is not a scam.  

Does science back TruVision Health products? 

The information that is provided by this company is that the TruVision health supplements are beneficial towards achieving weight loss. However, it would be good to see more studies. 

However, when one isolates the ingredients found in these supplements, you can be able to understand why they have asserted that their products can assist one to lose excess weight. For instance, there is scientific proof that caffeine and green tea extract can aid weight loss. Therefore, TruVision needs to consider researching their products as a whole.

TruVision Health results 

Just like the products, people have had different things to say about the results that they got from using TruVision health supplements. Some people have expressed that they did not observe any difference in weight even after using the supplements for a month. On the other hand, others have stated that they not only lost weight but they are also in better moods after using TruVision products. The difference between these two groups could be because the effectiveness of supplements varies from one person to the other.  

In conclusion, by looking at the ingredients used in making TruVision health products, the end outcome is that these supplements can help people to lose weight and feel better about themselves. Therefore, you can try out your luck and hopefully it will work you for as well.

The Ultimate Health from TruVision

Gaining weight has become a major problem for individuals. when excess weight gain advances to the point of obesity, it becomes even more complex. Having caused many illnesses around the world, obesity is now a major serious condition. Due to this condition, many supplements that are meant to enhance weight loss have come up as a sure way despite the fact that some are ineffective.

Reliable health Supplement company

TruVision is the only company that is reliable and accepted widely by people. Without decreasing the energy levels in the body, the products are tested and proven to be effective. A systematic plan for therapy is recommended always since it is not a requirement to follow the certain diet while taking the supplements.

Without having anything to lose, except the illnesses that are brought about by obesity, individuals should trust TruVision as the main weight reduction company.

About TruVision

The TruControl supplement and TruFix dietary are the amazing products manufactured by TruVision health. To provide the required individual’s weight reduction, the supplements add up and become one. Without having a negative reaction, the reduction in weight is made a success by incorporating natural ingredients to increase metabolic process in the body.

TruVision is indeed trusted as it raises one’s self-esteem. It reduces individual’s weight significantly and makes him/her believe in himself/herself again.

How TruFix and TruControl work

To produce a recommended outcome, 10 strong natural ingredients and these supplements are mixed together.

Chlorogenic Acid

Being broken down to energy, this acid helps in burning fat efficiently. It also helps in the circulation of blood and maintaining sugar level in the blood by minimizing glucose concentration after taking a meal.


In prevention of anemia, copper enhances the red blood cells production. In addition, it is proven that in the body copper is more available and this aids in the faster burning of fats.


To increase the energy in the body, blood pressure and sugar level must be regulated properly. This is made possible by magnesium.


Iron is of high importance as it helps in oxygen distribution all over the body. To lose body weight movement is a must and iron provides that energy that is needed.

Raspberry Ketones

Body metabolism is a must in order to lose weight, this raspberry extract helps in the production of adiponectin hormone. This extracts also help in the effective and efficient breaking down of fats.


For strong bones, calcium is needed. This is possible because this substance-chromium- helps to prevent calcium loss. It also helps the muscle tissues during formation. It regulates how the body uses glucose, to enable proper functioning of the body.

Vitamin B6

Adrenaline is produced by adrenaline glands in which vitamins b6 helps to function efficiently.


This enhances the sensitivity of the body to insulin. This is achieved through the burning of fats and glucose absorption.


This helps to prevent growing old and cell from generating again. This is an oxidant used to fight free harmful elements within the body.


As a cinnamon extract, it is useful in blood pressure regulation in conjunction with polyphenols.


1. Maintaining levels of energy while the weight is reducing.
2. Basing on the diet, it is not specific.
3. It is the most trusted way of weight reduction.
4. Synthetic elements are absent making it efficient to use.
5. The packs are affordable.
6. Healthy living away from obesity.
7. Funds are refundable within ninety days.
8. Acquiring a slender and body of admiration.

Usage Recommendations

To achieve maximum results, take in the mornings and night. Take each of the TruFix and TruControl capsule twice in a day using a lot of water.


TruVision is the only company that is known all over the world for providing supplements that are legally acknowledged. This supplements-TruFix and TruControl-make the body clean fats reduction leading to loss of body weight.

These supplements have been approved by users and efficient reduction of weight is a plus. Therefore, if one is looking forward to decreasing their body weight without energy loss, TruVision is the right company for everyone.

Active PK

Abdominal Fat: What You Need to Do About It 

As the years go by, our mid-section tends to… *ahem*… spread out a bit, to put it delicately. While this might seem to be an inevitable part of getting older, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it shouldn’t be part of aging, because the truth is that an accumulation of abdominal fat (a.k.a. the dreaded lower belly fat) can be downright dangerous to your health.  

Here’s some information on why this is such a problem, and how Active PK from LCR Health could help you get rid of it. 

What is Abdominal Fat? 

Two of the main types of fat are known as subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat is the type you can see and grasp. If you have “love handles,” those are examples of subcutaneous fat. Visceral fat, otherwise known as abdominal fat, on the other hand, accumulates deep inside the abdomen. You can’t see it and you can’t feel it.1 

The bad news is that this kind of lower belly fat has been linked to several health issues.The good news is that you can get rid of it relatively easily through diet, exercise and supplements such as Active PK. Doing so can help you in many ways. Losing abdominal fat can lower your cholesterol levels as well as reduce your blood pressure.3 

There are many reasons why you want to take the steps necessary to reduce your abdominal fat. One of the most important ones is that visceral fat stimulates dangerous chemicals known as cytokines. These have been linked to heart problems. Research indicates that cytokines also have a negative effect on blood pressure as well as the ability of blood to clot.4 

Lower belly fat is also dangerous due to the areas of the body in which it is found. It will often, for instance, accumulate in a major vein located between the intestines and the liver. This type of fat releases substances that get into the blood and enter the liver. This, in turn, can lead to an increase in cholesterol, which can increase the chances of developing heart problems.5 

What Can You Do About Abdominal Fat?


There are a lot of things you can do in order to help get rid of excess abdominal fat. Getting between 30-60 minutes of exercise per day can help. Diet also plays an important role. Watch not only the kinds of food you eat, but the portions as well. 

Another thing you can do is to use Active PK from LCR Health. This incredible product will not only help you burn fat but will also help you feel stronger and healthier. 

The power behind Active PK is its ability to stimulate production of an enzyme known as AMPK (AMP activated protein kinase). In a nutshell, this enzyme plays a key role in the metabolism of fat.It does so by instructing the body to burn fat rather than store it for energy. Active PK harnesses AMPK in order to increase energy, reduce food cravings and slim the waist. 

But Active PK also contains three ingredients that are also critically important in helping burn fat – gynostemma, berberine and quercetin. Gynostemma, according to research, helps to burn not only abdominal fat but also subcutaneous fat.Berberine helps increase energy by boosting the efficiency of cells. It not only helps reduce fat but may also help reverse the aging process of cells.Finally, quercetin is a compound that helps increase your body’s endurance, helping you exercise for longer periods of time.9 

As beneficial as Active PK could be to your overall health, you should never take it or any other supplement without first getting the OK from your doctor. You should also never start any sort of exercise regimen or make any kind of dietary changes without first getting your doctor’s permission. 

Once you get that permission to use Active PK, however, you’ll soon find that it will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. But even if you don’t see the results you like, you still won’t be taking any financial risk. Just send back the bottles – empty or full – within 90 days and you’ll get a full refund with no questions asked. 

List of Sources

Benefits of Hemp Protein in 310 Shakes 

Hemp is starting to see a huge resurgence in popularity these days, especially with the younger generation – and it’s easy to see why. 

Single-handedly one of the best natural sources for plant-based protein on the planet today, this 100% vegan and vegetarian-friendly protein powder is a game changer for those that want to improve their health, their wellness, and their ability to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. Which is exactly why 310 Nutrition includes it in their 310 Shakes.  

Loaded with plenty of protein per serving, as well as 20 different amino acids (including nine essential amino acids your body cannot produce on its own), there’s a reason why so many people continue to say that this is THE best plant-based protein available. 

Offering a remarkable list of benefits, the ones we break down below just barely touch the tip of the iceberg but do represent some of the most important benefits this protein has to offer. 

Let’s dive right in! 

Hemp protein dramatically increases your daily protein intake 

Right out of the gate, daily supplementation with a quality protein source like this one is obviously going to improve your overall protein intake, and that’s going to have a major impact on your overall quality of life. 

With more protein in your body, your cells will be able to repair themselves more effectively and more efficiently, your metabolism will be elevated to melt fat and burn fuel more effectively, and you’ll be able to enjoy higher levels of consistent energy without significant drop-offs while fighting fatigue, boosting mental clarity, and generally enjoying a more “even keel” way of looking at your life. 

Hemp protein like that in 310 Shakes has the ability to improve your heart and cardiovascular health 

Hemp proteins also have the “perfect” balance between omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids, a 3:1 ratio that is designed to dramatically improve your overall heart health, your cardiovascular health, and your body’s natural resistance to diseases and medical conditions that could end up becoming life-threatening. 

On top of that, hemp protein sources also include quite a bit of natural fiber. This natural source of fiber is going to reduce LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol), raise HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol), clean up your triglycerides, and generally help you regulate your blood pressure a lot more effectively than you would have been able to on your own without any medication. 

Hemp protein has been proven to decrease the risk of osteoporosis  

As we highlighted above, hemp is particularly loaded with omega six fatty acids and the branched chain amino acids that you need to support a lifetime of good health. 

These enzymes combine together to produce Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), a compound that has been found to effectively fight back against osteoporosis in women that are dealing with this condition already, but can also work as a preventative to avoid having to deal with osteoporosis in the first place. 

Hemp protein can clean out your colon and improve digestion 

The fiber contained within hemp protein is also going to work to improve your overall digestion, clean out your body of toxins and poisons, and help make sure that all the waste your body is trying to get rid of is done a lot more effectively and efficiently; this ensures it’s completely out of the body without any headache or hassle whatsoever. 

Your overall digestion and your colon health will be improved, and you’ll be able to count more “regularity” then you probably would have been able to before you decided to move forward with hemp protein as part of your daily diet. 

Hemp protein will cripple your sweet tooth while also boosting your immune system 

Incredibly, hemp protein sources such as what you will find in 310 Shakes have also been proven to fight back against the “sweet tooth” temptation that so many of us have to deal with on a day to day basis. The minerals, vitamins, and enzymes in hemp protein actually calm down your sweet tooth, stop your body from craving sweets to begin with, and help you avoid cravings that might have otherwise become out of control – running you right off the rails of your healthy eating program. 

Your immune system is going to see a big boost, as well, as these proteins contain a whole host of enzymes – including edestin and albumin – that have been clinically-proven to provide your body with a more effective arm against inflammation, outside attacks, bacteria, and disease. 

You just can’t go wrong supplementing with hemp protein!


Using Lectin Shield to Protect Your Body from Lectins’ Adverse Effects

Lectins are derived from plants, and have negative impacts on the human body. The main issue is lack of ability to protect from such proteins that adversely affects the functioning of the body. The plants with lectins are consumed often by people making the problem appear even bigger. However, Lectin Shield was developed with an aim of providing solutions to the problems caused by lectins. 

Lectin shield provides an intoxication effect to the proteins to reduce the side effects of the commodity. There are questions which require answers in regards to lectins for an increased knowledge of the product by the community. We are required to have an insight on what are Lectins, their effects and available measures to protect against the food poisoning. This article discusses how Lectin Shield is innovative in the field, as well as vital for healthy eating.

What are Lectins?  

Survival aspect is not a concern for only animals but also, plants. Therefore, plants come up with a mechanism to protect them from their prey. The mechanisms are aimed at increasing the survival rate for the plant. Lectins in plants are the mechanisms that are used to protect them from diseases which are commonly caused by pathogens, insects, and animals. The protection is aimed at ensuring that there is a proper flow of the plants despite the many dangers in the environment.

Lectin’s macro molecules are used as immune receptors for the plants for reduced cases of diseases. In case animals and human beings consume the lectins proteins, they are adversely affected as the protein’s main function is protection from diseases. The proteins are available in legumes, a product which is consumed by humans on regular basis. You can check out this article on Pinterest about Lectin Shield and lectins. Lectin’s proteins cause a link between bacteria and virus which makes the human body vulnerable to diseases.

Lectin’s Effects  

The following are several effects of lectins to the human body, which are why you should check your options for fighting against lectins with products like Lectin Shield: 

  1. Cause problems with the digestive system. The proteins are attached to the epithelial cells which are found in the intestine walls thus negatively impacting the digestive system. Lectins expose the intestinal cells, which increase the possibility of infection and damage to the large intestine. The digestive tract is inflamed, making it hard to effectively digest the food consumed by an individual. The inflammation of the digestive tract leads to diarrhea and vomiting.  
  2. Leads to immune system disorder. The attachment of lectins to the intestine walls leads to immune systems developing cells to fight the proteins. The immune system’s direct attack on body cells, which are connected to the lectins, cause an immune system disorder. This fighting of lectins causes allergy and compromises the ability of the immune systems to deal with diseases causing pathogens. Proper coordination of body cells is negatively affected by the introduction of the lectin proteins in the body.
  3. Results in leaky guts. The damage to the intestine walls makes the waste products and food particles join the digestion processes. The food particles and waste products leak through the damaged intestine wall, and are directed to the blood stream.  

Protecting the Body from Lectin’s Adverse Effects 

It is not good news that lectins have negative effects on the normal functioning of the body. The risk is made worse considering that the proteins are available from plants that are regularly consumed by the people. The good news is that you can protect your body from lectins using the Lectin Shield, which is aimed at dealing with the adverse effects from the plant protein.  

The following nutrients also protect the body against lectins and are found in Lectin Shield: 

  1. D- Mannose is a sugar which is commonly found in fruits with the ability to protect the body from harmful bacteria. The nutrient is able to deal with lectins from peanuts, peas, lentils, and beans. The nutrients also have the ability to treat urinary tract infections.
  2. N- Acetylglucosamine is used to deal with lectins from wheat and reduce joint pains.
  3. Sialic acid- the nutrients are derived from berries and grains with the ability to form a slippery wall to the intestine which is crucial in protecting it from infection.  
  4. Bladder Wrack- is a nutrient from seaweed that has anti-fungal properties which protect the body from a variety of plant lectins.



Lectin Shield is used to offer protection from lectin’s adverse effects for a proper flow of body function. It has also the ability to speed up the absorption of nutrients, stop bloating, and make intestinal walls stronger. 

Benefits of Pea Protein in 310 Shakes

More and more people are moving towards alternative protein powders and protein sources, looking for ways to improve their overall health and wellness without having to deal with the drawbacks and downsides of more traditional protein solutions and animal protein powders. 

Plant-based protein options like 310 Shakes are increasingly popular, and amongst them none has gained quite as much attention in the last few years as pea protein has. 

100% gluten-free, 100% dairy free, and 100% allergen free, this is a top-notch protein solution designed to help you build the body of your dreams and enjoy the quality of health that you deserve just as quickly as humanly possible. 

Let’s highlight some of the biggest benefits that pea protein brings to the table. 

Pea protein powders and shakes accelerate weight loss 

Pea protein powder is one of the most important tools for accelerating your weight loss journey, providing you with the ability to elevate your metabolism so that you turn into a fat-melting furnace around the clock – regardless of whether or not you’ve spent any time in the gym that day. 

Because it takes longer (and more effort on your body’s behalf) to break down pea protein compared to traditional animal-based proteins, your body is going to need more fuel to get the job done. This is going to trigger a cascade of fat loss to be used as energy like you’ve never seen before, and because the digestive processes are so drawn out you’re going to be able to burn fat all day long. 

On top of that, pea protein powder also includes enzymes that allow it to slow down the production of the “hunger hormone” known as ghrelin. This is going to curb cravings, stop you from feeling hungry, and help you feel full even after you only have a snack. Portion control becomes almost effortless with this kind of approach! 

Pea protein powders such as in 310 Shakes support health heart and cardiovascular wellness 

Unlike traditional animal-sourced protein powders and protein shakes that will elevate your risk of heart conditions and increase your blood pressure at the same time (or at least raise the potential for this to happen in the first place), plant-based protein powders like pea protein powders and protein shakes are going to fight back against those conditions and give your body better protection against these dangerous and potentially deadly diseases. 

Inflammation across the board is going to be decreased significantly when you choose to supplement with pea proteins versus animal proteins. Lower your inflammation level and you do a great service to your overall health and well-being, arming your body with everything it needs to fight back against cancerous cells, free radicals, and other dangerous medical conditions. 

Pea protein powders have been linked to decreases of kidney disease risk 

A number of clinical studies have suggested that pea protein has the capability to not just lower high blood pressure, but also provide enzymes and biochemical reactions in the body that fight back against chronic kidney disease as well. 

Researchers aren’t exactly sure of the mechanics of how pea protein pulls this amazing feat off, but they do agree that this is what’s happening – and it all gets traced back to the pea protein enzymes themselves.  

More research is obviously necessary to better understand why this is happening, but for millions and millions of people around the world that are living with chronic kidney disease it’s enough to know that it works rather than having to know how it works. 

Pea proteins can dramatically increase muscular tissue thickness and strength 

Right out of the gate, pea protein is incredibly rich with amino acids (especially branched chain amino acids) that can help to fight back against the breakdown of lean muscle mass when you are working at, something that is mission-critical when it comes time to build stronger, thicker, and more durable muscular tissue. 

The muscle tissue that is built with proteins coming from peas will definitely be stronger, more durable, and more resistant to injury. This is not only going to help you look bigger, faster, but it’s also going to provide you with stronger muscles in a shorter block of time as well. 

Pea protein such as you will find in 310 Shakes is proving to be really special and it should surprise absolutely no one if it becomes one of the most popular alternative protein sources moving forward.

Stay fit without leaving the house, with this creative workout gear


Can’t get to the gym? Fitness pros have come up with effective and transportable at-home exercise equipment that will counter just about every excuse.

Although Erika Rayman was an avid runner, it wasn’t until she regularly performed a series of intense squats with a trainer that she noticed a difference in her body — specifically her posterior. So she set out to develop a device that would help people nail the perfect squat.

“I learned so much about form working out with a trainer, and wanted to make that available to anyone of any level,” she said. (The maximum user weight on the device is 215 pounds.)

Earlier this year, she launched the DB Method, which works out the lower body; sit on the tilted seat built onto a resistance system, grab the handrails and start squatting.

“It’s a high-intensity, low-impact workout,” Rayman said of the tool, which can be assembled in about 15 minutes. It collapses to fold under a bed or to stack against a wall.

The DB Method, $189;

Unable to work out after hip surgery, Gorgi Nikkaran developed Gravocore, a portable pulley-and-harness system designed for all ages and levels that can be slung over a door, onto a tree or attached to a bar or pole.

“I’d been fit all my life, but there were many exercises I couldn’t do after my surgery, and I needed to find another way to get back in shape,” Nikkaran said.

Gravocore works by exercising muscles without compromising the joints, helping to burn fat and build muscle. The regimens used in conjunction with the system work the core, abs, legs and — depending on a user’s fitness goals — may replace a gym full of equipment.

“It’s about what you want out of your workout,” Nikkaran said. “Some people want to be physically stronger. Others want a visual transformation.”

Gravocore, $349;

In designing the ActivMotion Bar, Derek Mikulski’s aim was to “put resistance that’s active or alive into someone’s hands.”

“It will make them use their brains more, as opposed to using static — or dead — weight,” he says of the pole, which enhances squats, lunges and crunches and takes the place of hand weights or a medicine ball.

The ball bearings inside the pole shift when it is held, forcing users to focus on keeping it stable. In addition to encouraging concentration during a workout, more muscles are activated, said Mikulski.

The poles are available in a variety of weights, starting at 3 pounds. Purchases include a digital workout regimen.

ActivMotion Bar, $99 and up,

The Pilates Wheel is specifically for those who want to obtain the long, lean look synonymous with the form of exercise but find the cost of classes prohibitive.

Pilates instructor Kristin Anderson and trainer Brian Abercrombie earlier this year launched the wheel, which takes the fundamentals of bulky and expensive Pilates equipment like the Reformer and distills them into a compact, at-home product.

“The machines provide resistance, moving from the core, stabilizing muscles,” Anderson said. “When you strip away the metal parts and pieces, those are the main Pilates principles.”

Abercrombie said the device — essentially, wheels attached to each end of a rod, with resistance bands, handles and foot loops — is for strength, stretching and cardio and can be used by those who have never taken a Pilates class. The duo runs classes on Facebook Live several times a week.

The Pilates Wheel, starting at $199, which includes instructional DVDs and an eating plan;


Yes, you can eat your way to beautiful skin

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Additional Body Benefits to Consider When Selecting the Best Meal Replacement Shakes 

If you haven’t yet started using meal replacement shakes, my assumption is that creating delicious, home-cooked meals is the reason why. If you are a faithful follower of this exciting diet plan, then congratulations are in order. You are one among many who have discovered the secret to a long, satisfying life. 

Just imagine what it is like to live a less stressful life that does not involve hurried bi-weekly visits to the grocery store, or, constant aches and pains that make the vigor of youth seem ancient. What would your legs say if they were not obligated to stand at the kitchen counter every few hours between sunrise and sunset? 

That kind of life is nothing but a distant memory for most women today. They spend less time standing in the kitchen, and more time improving themselves. If a day spent at home feels torturous, then you are a candidate for change. Read on and find out what you can do to share in their delight. 

The Secret Revealed

First things first, l know what you are thinking… you are not trying to lose excess weight, in fact, you are quite fit for the average mom. Congratulations to you as well, however, l would like to burst the bubble and let you in on a rarely spoken aspect of meal replacement options. 

The truth is, the best meal replacement shakes, for example, do more than just help people shed weight. They additionally support an existing diet plan for those who are fit. (Read you…) 

So if you have been giving them the cold shoulder, maybe it’s time you gave them an ear instead. This is what you might be missing out on: 

  • Normalized blood sugar levels
  • Fairer skin
  • Reduced meal preparation time
  • Retention of lean body mass(muscle)
  • An opportunity for weight maintenance

Benefits of Meal Replacement Shakes Explained

Not even this diet option works like a magic bullet, therefore, consistency and discipline are what determines the kind of results that each individual eventually experiences. 

  1.  Enhanced Beauty

When you start using shakes, you will notice a change in complexion or in fairness. This is happening because the skin is now receiving the much-needed vitamins and nutrients that it may have otherwise been lacking. The nutrients found in diet shakes are balanced in such a way that they provide just the right amounts to your body. 

Fruit extracts and organic ingredients found in most shakes additionally add strength and shine to your hair and skin. 

  1.  Muscle building

Whenever you undergo a vigorous work-out session, your body reacts by tearing down muscles. As a preventive measure, you can feed the body what it requires to repair those muscles within an hour after working out. 

What it needs is protein, and shakes provide a ready option that can be quickly absorbed by the body. Meal replacement shakes contain whey, milk and soy proteins which contain the necessary amounts of amino acids that are paramount for muscle repair and growth. 

  1.  Supporting blood sugar levels

When you take meal replacement shakes, you feel fuller because it replicates an actual meal. Even more important is that it should contain zero or natural sugar. As a result, glucose is released slowly into your system, and this stabilizes your blood sugar levels. 

This kind of process significantly reduces the risk of getting type 2 diabetes. 

  1.  Weight maintenance

When shakes are part of your normal diet plan, your body benefits from the extra nutrients that it provides by enhancing your body functions. In addition to that, meal replacements prevent the loss of muscle mass that could otherwise cause your weight to flop. 

  1.  Reduction in time used for meal preparation

The best meal replacement shakes require little to no effort preparing, as most are ready to drink, while others require a bit of mixing up with other liquids. Preparing shakes takes very little of your time as compared to traditional meals that require planning, buying, preparing, and eventually cooking. 

Considering all of the above, it is safe to say shakes require less time and money, unlike regular meals. 

What to watch out for

Despite their amazing benefits, the best meal replacement shakes can be the cause of your pain if you do not read labels properly. Seek out shakes that are allergen free if you are intolerant to gluten, soy or dairy. There are varieties that have been formulated with your needs in mind. 

Consider speaking to a dietitian or a doctor first before incorporating shakes as part of your daily routine. 

Kobe, Bezos, Gladwell to speak at next week’s Super Bowl of wellness in L.A.

Next weekend’s Summit LA 17 in downtown Los Angeles is aimed at inspiring people to live better and more creative lives, whether it’s by racing home to declutter after listening to the queen of organizing, Marie Kondo, learning about cleaner living from Jessica Alba, or sitting in on a panel about an urban design project in Utah where Richard Branson is an investor.

“We want people to choose their adventures every day,” said Ryan Begelman, co-founder of Summit, which runs from Nov. 3-6.

The 3,000-plus who have signed up to attend, and pay the $3,700 admission, will be able to access some 150 talks, 75 wellness classes, 40 music, comedy or dance performances.

Keynote events include “Netflix and Chill: a Fireside Chat with Reed Hastings,” as well as addresses by Amazon chief Jeff Bezos, television maven Shonda Rhimes and writers Lena Dunham and Malcolm Gladwell.

“We wanted to pull out all the stops and host this flagship event,” said Begelman. “Our goal is to create a surreal setting with all these leaders so that people can connect and be inspired and go out and do great things.”

Others on the agenda include Christiana Figueres, architect of the Paris Climate Agreement, and sports stars Kobe Bryant and Pele.

This is the first Summit in Los Angeles; previously, they have taken place on cruises, and in Mexico and Utah.

The sprawl of events will take place around downtown Los Angeles within several hotels, such as the Intercontinental and the Standard, with performances at historic theaters such as the Orpheum. Downtown parking lots are being taken over to create a 75,000-square-foot food, art and wellness pavilion.

“At any given time there will be 12 to 20 different experiences or talks that someone could engage with,” said Begelman, who added that the offerings will start early in the morning and go till late at night.

“We see it as 72 hours to get people out of their headspace, away from their home and work lives and immerse themselves in these different experiences.”

The $3,700 ticket covers the three days of activities plus hotel stay and all food at participating eateries.

Apply to attend online at The Summit is for those 21 and over.


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California’s opioid death rate is among the nation’s lowest. Experts aren’t sure why

Declaring the opioid epidemic a public health emergency this week, President Trump said that no part of society, “young or old, rich or poor, urban or rural” had been untouched by drug addiction.

Ninety-one Americans die every day from an opioid overdose, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The drugs now kill more people each year than car crashes.

But in California, the opioid crisis, though still bleak, has been less severe.

In West Virginia, the state hardest hit by the epidemic, 41 of every 100,000 residents died from drug overdoses in 2015, according to the CDC. In California, that rate was 11 — the seventh-lowest in the nation.

California officials warned this year that although opioid deaths have leveled off here, the epidemic is still killing thousands. More people die each year from drug overdoses in California than in any other state, though that’s largely because of the state’s enormous population.

Public health experts can’t agree on why California’s opioid death rates are lower than the rest of the country’s, but some suggested it could be because of the state’s demographics as well as the type of heroin available.

Though there are occasional reports in California of overdoses from drugs such as fentanyl, a highly potent opioid, they aren’t as pervasive, experts say.

“We’re spared in California,” said Dr. Daniel Ciccarone, a UC San Francisco professor who studies heroin usage. “We have the episodic things — the East Coast is the killing fields.”

Twenty years ago, California had one of the highest rates of drug-related deaths in the nation. Between 1999 and 2015, the rate continued to climb, increasing by 30%, according to data from the CDC.

The jump was bad, but elsewhere in the country, it was worse. West Virginia’s rate, for example, grew during that time by 975%. Rates skyrocketed so high in other states that California now has one of the lowest drug-death rates in the nation.

“In California, we are seeing increases in problems with opioid use disorder, just like the rest of the country, but the per capita problems are certainly higher in parts of Appalachia and elsewhere,” said Dr. Carla Marienfeld, an addiction psychiatrist at UC San Diego. “It’s not that we aren’t seeing increases.”

Opioid death rates in many parts of the state, including Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Bernardino counties, remain relatively low. But last year, 10 mostly rural counties in the state’s extreme north had more opioid prescriptions than residents, a red flag for public health researchers.

In some of those regions, death rates are just as high as in the most impacted states.

“If California were divided up into several states … then parts of our state, principally the north, would be a disaster area as bad as West Virginia,” said Dr. Kelly Pfeifer, an opioid expert at Oakland-based California Health Care Foundation.

How drug death rates have stayed comparatively low

Pfeifer experienced a wake-up call about opioids when she worked at a rural health center in the northern Bay Area about a decade ago. She said that doctors had been taught that opioids weren’t addictive.

“I got a call from a coroner,” she said. A woman had died gripping a pain pill bottle with Pfeifer’s name on it.

“I had to totally revamp. … All of us who practiced during that time were prescribing doses that were previously only being seen in hospice,” she said.

Since most Californians live in urban centers, they may have been sheltered from the higher prescribing habits of rural areas, she said. Studies also have found that doctors are less likely to address complaints of pain from nonwhite patients, which would mean fewer opioid prescriptions per capita in diverse places such as Los Angeles.

Oxycodone pain pills. John Moore / Getty Images

Family members of people killed by the epidemic often describe a loved one who started taking prescription opioids, such as Vicodin or OxyContin, after receiving them from a doctor or trying them at a party. Typically, an addiction to heroin followed, and then a fatal overdose.

Experts say that the drugs available in California may affect how people transition from pills to harder substances.

Heroin sold east of the Mississippi River is usually white powder, but the kind sold in the West tends to be black tar heroin, experts say. Black tar heroin is more difficult to use and is harder to spike with other substances, creating a sort of protective effect, experts say.

Many opioid overdoses are linked to fentanyl, an incredibly strong opioid that can kill even in small doses.

“Black tar heroin simply can’t be cut as easily with fentanyl,” Ciccarone said.

It’s also possible that dealers of methamphetamine, which has historically been more common in California than in other states, could have kept out heroin. And studies have suggested that easier access to marijuana makes people less likely to seek out opioids.

Ciccarone and other experts said cartels also might not be sending as much heroin and fentanyl to California.

“There’s no social demographic rhyme or reason as to why the zone that’s bad off with heroin and fentanyl is,” said Ciccarone, referring to the Midwest and New England. “It seems to me that it’s a supply issue that’s driving fentanyl and heroin overdoses.”

Future risk of fentanyl

In 2015, state and local health leaders created opioid safety coalitions in California, which have expanded access to naloxone and medication-assisted treatment. It’s an unusual state-backed program involving law enforcement, government and health officials in each community, Pfeifer said.

“You have to work locally, because L.A. and Modoc County couldn’t be more different,” she said.

Now, 95% of Californians live in a part of the state where leaders have joined a coalition. Between 2015 and 2016, there was a roughly 12% drop in the amount of opioids prescribed across the state as well as in the rate of people taking high-dose opioids.

Pfeifer said that the state’s Medi-Cal program also has invested heavily in expanding and improving addiction-recovery services for its members.

Still, Ciccarone said that if the heroin in California becomes more dangerous or cartels start sending more fentanyl to California, deaths could spike here, too.

“There’s no reason to think there’d be demand for fentanyl in Detroit, but not demand in San Francisco,” he said. “That still means the boogeyman is out there.”

Many people are concerned about fentanyl. In one week in Sacramento last spring, 36 people overdosed from street drugs, and fentanyl was the prime suspect.

Though several opioid-related problems are flatlining or dropping in California, fentanyl deaths increased 47% last year, according to state data.

“I think it’s too early to know if we’ll be able to stay ahead of it,” Pfeifer said.

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