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Getting to Know Co-Founder of Beverly Hills MD, John Layke

You may have already heard of Dr. Layke from his numerous appearances on television Vanderpump Rules, Extra, Entertainment Tonight, Insider Edition, NBC, and in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, OK Magazine, and STAR Magazine among many others. As a doctor to the stars, Dr. John Layke is well-experienced in both emergency, and cosmetic surgeries specializing in a variety of popular procedures including rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, facelifts, and more.

When choosing a plastic surgeon, you want to know that the doctor you pick is experienced, as well as highly accredited. It is also very important for any patient to feel comfortable, not only in the surgery office, but also in the hands of their cosmetic surgeon. After all, it’s your body, and you want to look, and feel the best that you can. Along with his partner Dr. Payman Danielpour, Dr. Layke works to create an ideal experience for every patient at their posh Beverly Hills MD plastic surgery office in Los Angeles. But you don’t have to just stumble in to find out about these good doctors … here is more information about Beverly Hills MD co-founder Dr. John Layke.

The Education, and Experience of Dr. Layke

Dr. John Layke was born in the Midwest to a housewife, and father who acted as a school administrator. While nobody in his family was involved in the medical field, Dr. Layke was always driven to be a physician even at a very young age, and had dreams of being a surgeon as a young man. With that dream, he left the Midwest, and headed out to Florida where he began a medical degree program at Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine (Fort Lauderdale, FL). He also served residencies at the Nassau University Medical Center in New York, and the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group as well as the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago. During his residency in Chicago, Dr. Layke was given the Vijay Maker, MD Award for Academic Excellence, and also earned the title of Administrative Chief Resident.

After that, Dr. John Layke gained his California state medical license in 2009, he also received certifications from both the American Board of Surgery as well as the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is also associated with the Olympia Medical Center, and the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

And that’s not all … Dr. Layke is also an expert author with several published articles in well-known publications on general medicine including treatment for health issues like esophageal, and gastric cancer, gastrointestinal injury, bile duct surgery, and much more.

After the extensive education, and awards that Dr. John Layke received, he then went on to join Dr. Payman Danielpour, and launch Beverly Hills MD. Working in tandem, they came to form what is now known as one of the most well-respected cosmetic surgery offices in the Los Angeles area. This partnership proved to be highly effective, not only for the patients at Beverly Hills MD, but also for the doctors as they were able to offer every patient two different perspectives on how to approach building their dream body.

A Perfect Partnership

Back when Dr. Layke was working on his medical program at Nassau University Medical Center, he met Dr. Danielpour – a Beverly Hills native. At the time, neither of them could know just how much they would be able to help their future patients. However, they learned from one another every step of the way, and ultimately developed a strong working friendship that helped to launch what today is known as the Beverly Hills MD Plastic Surgery Group.

Their partnership has gone on to create one of the most beneficial relationships in the world of cosmetic surgery. Bringing together the education, and artistry of two of the most talented cosmetic surgeons, Beverly Hills MD Plastic Surgery Group offers a joint consultation to every patient so that you can feel confident, and satisfied in the decision to undergo any cosmetic surgery procedures you choose.

Trusting in Innovation

When a team of doctors maintains such an excellent reputation in cosmetic surgeries, you can know that they have been instrumental in turning the dream bodies of their patients into reality. You can see, as soon as you walk through the doors of the Beverly Hills MD Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Group that the years of hard work, and skillful practice have now become a partnership that operates out of a 4,000-square-foot showplace in one of the most coveted buildings in Beverly Hills. And today, the Beverly Hills MD Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Group is a place that is well-known for leading the industry in innovation.

Here is just one example … back when the doctors were in New York, they blended together two different procedures: the tummy tuck, and a breast augmentation. Together, they called this the “Mommy Makeover, and it is one of the most popular, most requested surgical procedures at the Beverly Hills MD Plastic Surgery Group. This favorite surgery of new Moms includes only ONE incision, and so the doctors called it the SIMM, or (Single Incision Mommy Makeover). The procedure itself includes the breast implants (silicone, or saline), and also a tummy lift with just one incision so that healing is a breeze, and scarring is almost non-existent. As you can tell, the doctors at Beverly Hills MD Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Group work together to help you get the body you’ve been wanting, and all with the least amount of discomfort possible.

Choosing the Right Procedure for Your Body

There are many different cosmetic surgeries that you can get at the Beverly Hills MD Cosmetic Surgery Group.

Here is just a sample of the menu of services:

  • Eyelid Surgery. Also known as blepharoplasty, this type of eye surgery is a procedure that affects the upper, and lower eyelids, or both. Used to rejuvenate tired eyes, and give a new, youthful appearance to eyes with bags, or excess fatty deposits, blepharoplasty is a popular eyelid surgery, for both men, and women. Most commonly used to tighten sagging skin, remove puffy bags, reshape the natural contour of the lid, remove wrinkles, and bags, or even improve vision (if there is an impairment).
  • Neck Lift. The natural aging process is associated with a loss of essential skin proteins including elastin, and collagen. While this is common, the effects of low levels of these vital skin nutrients can lead to dragging drooping, and sagging skin, especially in the area of the jowls, and neck. For people with this problem, a neck lift can tighten the skin, and the muscles in the area to reduce the sagging. Then, fat deposits are removed, followed by liposuction to fully restore the youthful appearance of the neck, and chin.
  • Also known as a nose job, the rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most common, and effective surgeries to re-shape the nose. Oftentimes, people sustain injuries in this delicate area, and for this reason, and others, they lose functionality in the nose. Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the best ways to restore openness to the breathing passageways. In the rhinoplasty procedure, there are two different corrective measures. Here are those types:


  1. Open Rhinoplasty. This method usually delivers the most drastic changes. Here, a precise incision is made along the columella (the center cartilage) were the structure of the nose is exposed. Then the skillful hand of Dr. Layke reshapes the cartilage to deliver a more streamlined appearance, and better function.
  2. Closed Rhinoplasty. This method is most commonly used to deliver a minor change in the size, or shape of the nose. Here, the incisions are made inside the nose, and then Dr. Layke can reshape the nose in a custom way for each patient.
  • When diet, and exercise alone is not enough to give you the slim physique you’ve been wanting, a liposuction procedure may help to eliminate that stubborn excess fat that can linger in trouble areas. As an elective surgical procedure, liposuction can be applied to any region of the face, or body including the cheeks, chin, neck, upper arms, breast, chest, back, abdominals, waist, hips, thighs, buttocks, ankles, and more!
  • Cool Sculpting. One of the most frustrating parts about weight loss is the lingering lumps, and bumps in trouble areas like the thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. The process is a fast, and simple procedure using a CoolSculpting device that takes unwanted fat, and draws it upwards to deliver a controlled cooling in the targeted area. While there is a slight sensation of pressure, and a numbness that follows, there are rarely any reports of pain. However, results do include that sexy, slim silhouette you’ve been wanting.

When you are choosing a surgical procedure, you want to make sure that you are 100% happy with the results. So, beforehand consider what your dream body would look like, and then you can schedule a consult with the doctors at their office in Beverly Hills. There Dr. John Layke, and partner Payman Danielpour can help you pick one or more procedures that will help you get there!

Beverly Hills MD Cosmeceuticals: A New Line of Skincare

When you are in the hands of trained, and artful surgeons like Dr. John Layke, and Dr. Payman Danielpour, you know that you’ll get the results you desire, and the body you’ve been wanting. But after that, you may also want to add one (or many) of the products from the Beverly Hills MD Cosmeceutical skin care line. Each of them has been developed with the latest in cosmetic technology, and formulated with cutting-edge (and oftentimes all-natural) ingredients.

  • Deep Wrinkle Filler. This ultra-light formula is designed to reduce the appearance of premature aging of the skin, no matter how deep the imperfection. The Beverly Hills MD Deep Wrinkle Filler acts as a virtual eraser for fine lines, creases, and wrinkles for lasting results, and instantly younger, and tighter looking skin. Blur away the signs of aging with a nourishing formula made with bio-lifting technology to instantly make you look (and feel) younger.
  • Resurface + Restore Youth Revealing System. Want to have the same anti-aging secret of celebrities in your beauty regimen? All you need for smooth, dewy skin is the two-step formula of Beverly Hills MD Resurface + Restore Youth Revealing System. The formulas work together in a 5-minute process to instantly reveal youthful looking skin – and the results only get better over time! With repeated use the Beverly Hills MD Resurface + Restore Youth Revealing System reveals a long-term reduction in the appearance of visible fine lines, and wrinkles especially around the eyes, and mouth.
  • Rose Stem Cell Daily Cleanser. Rose water is a traditional Indian beauty regimen must-have for its delicate, sweet fragrance, and natural anti-inflammatory properties. Harness the power of rose extract along with other fruit extracts to naturally exfoliate the skin and reveal smoother, more youthful looking skin with the Beverly Hills MD Rose Stem Cell Daily Cleanser. Make time to smell the roses, and this cleanser promises to deliver softer, smoother skin, that’s deeply hydrated with the added benefits of this antioxidant-rich plant extract.
  • Repair + Reverse Daily System. Skin damage can make you feel less than glamorous, but if acne scars, glycation, fine lines, and wrinkles, or other uneven tones are holding you back from feeling like hitting the town, reach for the secret of the stars: the Beverly Hills MD Repair + Reverse Daily Serum. Designed to make the skin look more even by targeting damaged areas with a blend of ingredients all formulated to target glycation, sagging, and discoloration with the power of natural extracts.
  • Body Smoothing Exfoliator. Exfoliation is an essential step in any beauty regimen, and while you should not perform this smoothing step every day, the Beverly Hills MD Body Smoothing Exfoliator is gentle enough to use regularly, even for sensitive skin types. Wash away the day’s debris, and even deep-seated dirt, grime, and oils from within your pores with this invigorating healthy skin body wash. The advanced formula smooths, and softens the skin in any area including the belly, legs, and arms, and even more acne-prone areas like the back, and chest.

When you are looking for board-certified plastic surgeons to perform the cosmetic procedure that will deliver your dream body, you also want to know that YOUR doctor is highly recommended. Dr. Danielpour, and co-founder Dr. Layke of Beverly Hills MD Plastic Surgery Group are always ready to take on questions from people curious about cosmetic surgery, as well as new patients who want to have a procedure. So, trust the cosmetic surgeons of the stars, and stop waiting to have the body you’ve been wanting!

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