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women's plus size bathing suits

Bikinis and Tankinis: Flaunt What Your Mama Gave Ya!

Each season that grants you a chance to go on a cruise also presents a second concern – bikini body. There is usually a myriad of articles on the same, but the reality is that you may not need all the articles on body perfection. We emphasize that your body is already swimsuit ready as it is! No need to get it ‘bikini ready’.

While some women love to flaunt their bodies, others are self-conscious about at least one aspect of their body. But shopping among women’s plus size bathing suits almost guarantees you will find something that fits properly and flatters your body. Women’s plus size bathing suits take into account the various kinds of “plus size” bodies. Bodies are not shaped all the same, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find something perfect for yours.

Flatter Your Body

The available pieces will flatter your body and show off just enough to make you feel great. Besides, the pieces have been set up in such a way that it is easy to pick any size between 8 and 34. While trying to pick an outfit, have patience and explore your options. There is always more than one piece that will satisfy your needs.

A quick tip though is to start with the bottom piece. Plus-size bikinis come in many high-waist bottom options. They cover up until your navel. These pieces are meant to bring out the best side of your contours. The bottoms that go up until the middle of your waistline accentuates your waist area naturally.

If you are more of the low-waist person, then there is something for you too. There are pieces that have a lower waist and will sit low, making your torso look longer.

Shorts Are an Option Too

Some people may need guidance on what option to go for. All this talk about the waist might sit well with the girly girl. If you are more of a tomboy and would prefer shorts, such options are also available. The shorts will give you a look that almost seems sporty.

On the other hand, you may opt for the skirt bottom. This is more of a feminine look that is also more traditional regarding the beach look.

Swim Tops

Apart from the bottom, of course, you want to look at the bikini tops. The secret lies in the underwire. Although many women would shy from taking a swimsuit top with underwire, they provide support necessary for a large bust and for those with a smaller chest, make their bust look larger.

Besides the underwire magic, halter tops can also offer you with some lift. You can tie them yourself and adjust the amount of support. The downside to halters is that all the weight of your bust ends up resting at a small point on your neck.

Shoulders and Collarbones

The bandeau top really emphasizes a woman’s shoulders and collarbones. These strapless tops are a great answer to preventing tan lines.


Although at the beach, some people may feel conservative and seek more coverage. Tankinis offer modest coverage but still accentuate the bust line for a sexy look.

If you are not interested in the traditional bikinis, you may explore the tankinis. These are the two-piece suits that are designed for the top and the bottom to cover your tummy. It may come in various designs such as a short, skirt or a variety of a bikini bottom. The length varies from one design to another. Another difference with the tankinis is that they are not all necessarily fitting. You get to look sexy and comfortable all at the same time.

women's plus size bathing suits

These variations may either come in a design that flows or one that a quick fit. Either shape is bound to highlight the best parts of your body. For instance, the handkerchief tankini comes in a design that flows, making them relatively feminine. The square-neck designs have wide straps that are efficient if you have a bigger bust and will result in a sporty look. You can dazzle in the V-neck top and flaunt the cleavage, or switch to the plunging neckline.

Also available are shortinis, which are a pair of sporty shorts. These may not be your choice if you are out to look fancy. They are mostly recommended for sports or regular swimming.

Bright colors attract the eye to parts you’d like to emphasize, while dark colors are more slimming.

While on a cruise or taking that trip to Hawaii, the only concern you should have is whether you have a bikini, not whether you have a bikini body. There are many designs that most plus size women would love to wear.

Picking women’s plus size bathing suits should be an experience to have a collection of fashionable wear that is pleasing to the eye as well as functional. The designs are available in different shapes, designs, color, and patterns.

Landing on the perfect women’s plus size bathing suits is quite the experience. But all in all, one has to make a fashion statement while on a cruise the best way they know how.

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