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Benefits of Pea Protein in 310 Shakes

More and more people are moving towards alternative protein powders and protein sources, looking for ways to improve their overall health and wellness without having to deal with the drawbacks and downsides of more traditional protein solutions and animal protein powders. 

Plant-based protein options like 310 Shakes are increasingly popular, and amongst them none has gained quite as much attention in the last few years as pea protein has. 

100% gluten-free, 100% dairy free, and 100% allergen free, this is a top-notch protein solution designed to help you build the body of your dreams and enjoy the quality of health that you deserve just as quickly as humanly possible. 

Let’s highlight some of the biggest benefits that pea protein brings to the table. 

Pea protein powders and shakes accelerate weight loss 

Pea protein powder is one of the most important tools for accelerating your weight loss journey, providing you with the ability to elevate your metabolism so that you turn into a fat-melting furnace around the clock – regardless of whether or not you’ve spent any time in the gym that day. 

Because it takes longer (and more effort on your body’s behalf) to break down pea protein compared to traditional animal-based proteins, your body is going to need more fuel to get the job done. This is going to trigger a cascade of fat loss to be used as energy like you’ve never seen before, and because the digestive processes are so drawn out you’re going to be able to burn fat all day long. 

On top of that, pea protein powder also includes enzymes that allow it to slow down the production of the “hunger hormone” known as ghrelin. This is going to curb cravings, stop you from feeling hungry, and help you feel full even after you only have a snack. Portion control becomes almost effortless with this kind of approach! 

Pea protein powders such as in 310 Shakes support health heart and cardiovascular wellness 

Unlike traditional animal-sourced protein powders and protein shakes that will elevate your risk of heart conditions and increase your blood pressure at the same time (or at least raise the potential for this to happen in the first place), plant-based protein powders like pea protein powders and protein shakes are going to fight back against those conditions and give your body better protection against these dangerous and potentially deadly diseases. 

Inflammation across the board is going to be decreased significantly when you choose to supplement with pea proteins versus animal proteins. Lower your inflammation level and you do a great service to your overall health and well-being, arming your body with everything it needs to fight back against cancerous cells, free radicals, and other dangerous medical conditions. 

Pea protein powders have been linked to decreases of kidney disease risk 

A number of clinical studies have suggested that pea protein has the capability to not just lower high blood pressure, but also provide enzymes and biochemical reactions in the body that fight back against chronic kidney disease as well. 

Researchers aren’t exactly sure of the mechanics of how pea protein pulls this amazing feat off, but they do agree that this is what’s happening – and it all gets traced back to the pea protein enzymes themselves.  

More research is obviously necessary to better understand why this is happening, but for millions and millions of people around the world that are living with chronic kidney disease it’s enough to know that it works rather than having to know how it works. 

Pea proteins can dramatically increase muscular tissue thickness and strength 

Right out of the gate, pea protein is incredibly rich with amino acids (especially branched chain amino acids) that can help to fight back against the breakdown of lean muscle mass when you are working at, something that is mission-critical when it comes time to build stronger, thicker, and more durable muscular tissue. 

The muscle tissue that is built with proteins coming from peas will definitely be stronger, more durable, and more resistant to injury. This is not only going to help you look bigger, faster, but it’s also going to provide you with stronger muscles in a shorter block of time as well. 

Pea protein such as you will find in 310 Shakes is proving to be really special and it should surprise absolutely no one if it becomes one of the most popular alternative protein sources moving forward.

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