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A Healthy Alternative to Fad Diets

Do You Know About Fad Diets?  

Fad diets have been a trending topic for years. These diets became popular because of the increased exposure to what is referred to as the ideal body type. The introduction of these diets, however, has led to the detrimental health and well-being of many individuals. 

Differences between a Fad Diet and a Diet 

A fad diet is a restricted food intake that enables individuals to quickly and easily lose weight. Fad diets come in form of diet plans, weight loss pills, or a body cleanse. These diets promise an easy way one can lose weight without engaging in any physical activity. A diet, on the other hand, is involved in moderating food intake in order to achieve a healthier lifestyle.  

A fad diet is generalized. These diets don’t cater to different individual needs. This is not the case with a diet. A diet is individualized and takes into consideration the different lifestyle activities of each individual.  

Fad diets don’t produce lasting changes. Individuals usually gain back more weight when they go back to their normal diet. Conversely, a healthy diet focuses on long-term results. A long-term focus contributes to the overall health of an individual in the long run.  

Fad diets stress on the importance of ideal weight while healthy diets put more emphasis on the importance of attaining the ideal health.  

Where Did Fad Diets Come From?  

Fad diets became popular as a result of the increased demand for individuals who are extremely thin and fit. 

A thin frame became the ideal body type in the early 1800s. During those times, paintings portrayed women as skinny and fragile. Men, on the other hand, were portrayed as lean and muscular. As time went by, most of the men and women in movies were thin. Women also started wearing waist-trimming corsets to achieve the coveted body type.  

Nothing has changed much from the 1800s. Social media, television shows, magazines, and fashion industry still lean towards a tin physique. Social media, for instance, puts a lot of pressure on individuals who don’t have the ideal body shape. This pushes a lot of people to go on a fad diet. As a result, numerous corporations have taken advantage of this. Corporations pay individuals and models who have fit bodies to promote the fad diets on their accounts.  

Television shows such as the Biggest Loser has also led to the spread of fad diets. These shows put a lot of pressure on individuals to focus on their bodies. This makes people seek out fad diets that would give them the same results as those they see on television. Additionally, there are infomercials about dietary supplements and exercise programs that promise individuals rapid weight loss.  

The fashion industry only hires models who are extremely thin. Images of models are always plastered in magazines. These images are usually followed by advertisements of how an individual can have the same body type using a certain fad diet.  

Some Examples of Fad Diets and Weight Loss Supplements 

There are numerous fad diets on the market. Some of the most common ones include Alkaline Diet, Elimination Diet, South Beach Diet, Zone Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet, Juice Cleanse, Raw Food Diet and Atkins Diet. All these diets focus on eliminating or restricting foods that contain crucial nutrients.  

There are also weight loss supplements that promise to help individuals lose weight. Some of the pills include Trufix, Garcinia Cambogia, and Green Coffee Beans.  

Now a days Truvision is being too much poputar in the market. Aside from helping individuals to lose weight, the Trufix supplement also fights free radicals, improves digestive system, and lowers blood sugar levels. But, is Truvision safe 

Truvision is one of the best supplements that have proved to help individuals lose weight is the Trufix supplement. This Truvision product improves individual’s blood chemistry and leads to weight loss. The ingredients used in the supplement increases energy levels which leads to improvement in metabolism. What’s more, this truvision product is safe to use. 

Why Fad Diets Fail to Perform 

Fad diets are extremely restrictive. They put a lot of pressure on the body to burn energy from food before the body burns body fat. The body, therefore, ends up burning glycogen from carbohydrates instead of burning the stored body fat. The loss in weight that one sees is actually water weight. As soon the person goes back to their normal diet, that weight comes back.  

Fad diets also make people be susceptible to eating disorders such as binge eating and bulimia.  

How to Have a Balanced Diet 

  1. One should make diet part of their long-term health goal

To achieve a long-term healthy lifestyle, individuals should consume the right number of macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins) and micronutrients (minerals, fiber, and vitamins). It is also important to stop categorizing foods into “good foods” and “bad foods”.  

  1. Individuals should aim to be in a caloric deficit

Caloric deficit is achieved when one eats fewer calories than the body burns. The calories can come from either macronutrients or micronutrients foods.  

  1. One should focus on having a balanced mind

An individual who’s on a fad diet may develop an unhealthy mindset. These individuals constantly think about the foods they are depriving themselves. With time, a person may develop stress or depression.  

  1. Incorporating dietary supplements

Combining supplements with a healthy diet and exercise offers long-term weight loss results. Trufix is the best example of how a dietary supplement can contribute to an individual’s health and well-being. Daily intake of this supplement leads to increased metabolic rate. This results in the production of more energy that speeds up the fat burning process. 

Most of Trufix review is filled with individuals who have seen quick results. From the majority of the Trufix reviews, one can clearly tell the supplement is effective. This supplement does not require one to go on a strict diet. This makes it possible for individuals to use them with any diet plan.  

The ingredients used in Truvision’s supplements have been clinically tested as safe. There are also numerous reviews of people stating that the Trufix supplement is both effective and safe. 

Bottom Line 

A healthy diet, exercise and dietary supplements such as Trufix can help an individual to lose weight and maintain a long-lasting healthy lifestyle. One should, therefore, focus on having a long-term health goal instead of a quick fix.  


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